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PM Citu: Don't want to shutter economic activities over 3/1000, green certificate - proposal to stay open


Prime Minister Florin Citu stated on Wednesday that the Government doesn't want to shutter economic activities if the incidence rate of COVID-19 cases is over 3 per thousand, but is taking into account introducing for private events of the wedding and baptisms type, but also in restaurants and cafes the measure of monitoring through the green certificate for COVID.

The Prime Minister was asked by journalists at the Victoria Government Palace when the green certificate for COVID is to be approved in Government and if the measure were to be applied to restaurants, cafes or only for private events - weddings, baptisms.

"Firstly, the CNSU [National Committee for Emergency Situations] Decision has to be adopted, for then to be a government decision in the government session. The direction we are going towards is the following: I don't want to shutter economic activities over 3 per thousand anymore and then, for these activities to remain open, we must have a form of monitoring. The green certificate, especially that now it can be checked through that QR code, very simple, is one of the proposals for these activities to remain open, but on the basis of a green certificate. So, restaurants can remain open on the basis of a green certificate, it's a proposal, we see if it will be approved in the CNSU. The idea is, of course, we will speak after of restaurant staff; for example, they must wear a mask at all times, so there are a few conditions, but we are starting from the basic idea that we don't want to shutter economic activity at over 3 per thousand," said Florin Citu.

He also argued thus: "Now we have a vaccine, we have a way to check if someone's been vaccinated, if they were tested or if they went through the disease, so we have this green certificate. It's a way to maintain the economy open, but, at the same time, to maintain certain rules."

Asked when the measure regarding the green certificate for attending events will be adopted, the Prime Minister replied that next week at the latest.

"This week we will have more discussions with the INSP [National Institute for Public Health], the Health Ministry, to see what the best formula is. I will tell you my preference, as I said in what regards schools, I want them to be with physical presence, to find the measures to have schools with physical presence, so I tell you that I don't want to shutter the economy. (...) We have to come as soon as possible with this decision, so people know exactly what the measures are when passing a certain threshold, 3 per thousand," Citu also said. 


The National Institute of Public Health (INSP) informs on Wednesday that during the week of 6-12 of September, 35.5% of the total COVID-19 cases were registered in Bucharest, Timis, Cluj, Constanta and Ilfov.

77.6% of confirmed cases were registered in non-vaccinated persons, INSP specifies in its weekly surveillance report. According to the quoted source, 28% of total casualties were registered in Bucharest, Bistrita-Nasaud, Prahova, Iasi and Constanta.
95.2% of registered casualties were in non-vaccinated people, and 3% in people vaccinated with the incomplete scheme.

Since the beginning of the pandemic until now, one in 77 of the total number of COVID-19 cases was registered in medical staff. 85.9% of casualties were in people over 60 years old, and 57.5% of casualties were male.

INSP specifies that 94.6% of the deceased people had at least one associated comorbidity.