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PM Citu:We will restructure the state-run companies this year

Premier Florin Citu stated on Friday that the budget ‘ forces’ the restructuring of the state-run companies this year

‘We will restructure the state-run companies this year. The budget forces their restructuring. I have told you from the very beginning, if they do not bring restructuring plans, we will do this through the budget, they will be forced to come with the restructuring. So, you will see during this year that a restructuring of the companies will take place, and in the budget there is an article at half year we will evaluate the budgetary execution and where it is not as planned, then the sums will be reduced for the respective ministries and this is where the evaluation of the ministries or the performance of each minister starts’ Florin Citu said at the Victoria Palace.


He also stated that he will propose to the coalition on Monday that the people who occupy leading positions in the public administration be evaluated every three years and be allowed at most two mandates.

He also said that through the new law of salary the president of the country will have the highest salary in the budgetary sector,  and the revenue will be offered on the basis of performance.

‘My objective is not to eliminate, it is that of restructuring the way in which revenue is allocated in the public sector. We want to do this direct connection between performance and income. At the same time, we have other principles. One which was several times presented in the public is that of the salary of the president –to be the highest in the budgetary sector. There were all kinds of exceptions created.We want to correct these exceptions. The new law of unitary payment wants  to do this modernisation’ the premier said.       


Similarly, the premier mentioned that in 2020 Romania had one of the lowest rates of unemployment in the EU and the highest economic growth in Q4.


‘There were 1,400,000 people in technical unemployment – sums which were paid from the state budget. After that we helped their coming back to work, by  paying 41.5% of the gross salary. If we have a look at the numbers, we see that we did not lose work places, on the contrary, the unemployment rate dropped constantly last year and we have of the lowest rates of unemployment in the EU – and the fact that these effects are not seen in the economy is due to the highest growth in the EU in Q4. So it is clear that the economy performed, that the work places were kept. We are looking at consumption ….the revenue was there. So, the sums allocated from the budget helped this cost’ Citu said.