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PM Dancila: If motion fails, we will come next week with the reshuffle

Prime Minister and Social Democratic Party (PSD) leader Viorica Dancila on Monday announced that in case the censure motion doesn't pass, she will come next week before Parliament with the government reshuffle and an adjusted governing programme.

"If the motion doesn't pass, we will come next week with the reshuffle and with an adjusted governing programme. Certain things are already outdated. We will remove what we have already achieved and also what we cannot achieve by the end of the year and we'll move on to the next year. But we will take each measure left in the governing programme and, of course, we need to adjust to what the citizens expect from us and we will also come with a few additional measures for the population," Dancila stated on Monday at the Senate.

According to her, the censure motion "won't pass" :"The motion won't pass. Let's not even consider this scenario. I believe that the motion not passing would be the result of our team work. It's not my merit, but the merit of the leadership of the party, everyone's merit, is the merit of the MPs who understood that Romania needs stability and predictability in the next period," she said.

She specified that the PSD MPs will be in the room when the motion will be debated, but they won't vote, underscoring that the attendance is not mandatory.

Asked if there will be any sanctions in the case of the PSD MPs who signed for the censure motion or who will voted for it, Dancila said: "Sanctions are out of question. I am certain that the toughest sanction will be coming from the populations. Think about the fact that each one ran and obtained the Senator or Deputy office endorsed by the citizens of the respective county. So, when they'll return home, they will have to explain why they voted for this motion, if austerity measures are to be taken in the next period, they are part of these measures because they voted to topple this Government."