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PM Grindeanu in Brussels, at the meeting of the heads of state and government of the Party of European Socialists


Premier Sorin Grindeanu said on Thursday in Brussels that both at his bilateral meetings with European leaders, as well as at the meeting of the heads of state and government of the Party of European Socialists he reiterated Romania's desire to strengthen the joint European project with all 27 member countries following the same direction. 

"We discussed both the bilateral agendas and the common European agenda. At these meetings I reaffirmed what Mr. President also said this morning, what I also said the other day, namely our country's desire to follow and strengthen the European joint project of all 27 member countries going in the same direction, because together - as history proves it - we are stronger," Grindeanu told a press conference after the PES meeting. 

"Each of us expressed our views, ours is the one I presented to you and which we support whether we speak of the Presidential Administration, the Government or Parliament. It's Romania's common stance," Grindeanu stressed. 

Asked how do the European Socialists view the idea of a multi-speed Europe, the Romanian Prime Minister said: "I cannot say there's a common view of the European Socialists. "What is important is that this debate was taking place, that every country has arguments for each of the scenarios, but there is currently no common point of view. As I told you, debates are just at the beginning and they will continue," Grindeanu said. 

The Prime Minister stressed that the discussion should not dwell on the idea that only Romania is against the scenario of a multiple-speed Europe. 

"What all of us want and what everyone said is that all 27 states must go in the same direction and at the same speed. Each of us wants to develop, strengthen as much as possible, be part of everything what common European policy means," said Grindeanu. 

Asked when has he formally consulted Parliament on the joint stance Presidency - Government - Lawmaking body on the EU's future, the PM said that he has seen the statements of the Chamber of Deputies leadership which are in agreement with the statements of the President, his own, or those of the government he is heading. 

Asked if he contemplates the initiation of debates with the relevant political actors on this subject, PM Gridneanu said the Government can be part of discussions with the Presidency and leaders of parliamentary parties on the European subject. He said he will discuss with the President in the coming days the conclusions that can be drawn from the meetings in Brussels.

The policies regarding the cohesion funds and the common agricultural policies are important to Romania, Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu said on Thursday in Brussels, in talks with several European leaders, a government release informs.

Sorin Grindeanu has met Frederica Mogherini — High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the European Commission, Sergei Stanishev — President of the Party of European Socialists, Pierre Moscovici — European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs, Gianni Pittella — President of the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists & Democrats in the European Parliament, as well as other European leaders, among whom Greek Premier Alexis Tsipras and Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa.

"Romania is determined to actively get involved in advocating a consolidated Union, based on cohesion, solidarity and in the spirit of the fundamental values. An inclusive approach is needed, in a dialogue format open to all states' participation," said the Romanian Premier, as quoted by the release.

Sorin Grindeanu had these talks on the occasion of his participating in the PES meeting in Brussels.