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PM Orban: 6 December, the most probable date for parliamentary elections

Prime-minister Ludovic Orban stated on Saturday that 6th December is the most probable date for parliamentary elections, but he mentioned that it must be seen how strong the epidemics is during the respective period and if it allows the organization of an electoral campaign.
‘ As regards the parliamentary elections, they must be organized on 6th December the earliest, as there must be a connection to the ending of the mandate of the present parliament and the obligation that the new parliament be summoned by the president in a term of 20 days since elections. So, the most probable date is 6h December for the parliamentary elections. Surely there we will have to see how strong the epidemics is and if it allows the organization of an electoral campaign’ stated premier Orban, in an interview for the channel Romania TV.

As regards the local elections, he showed that they could take place at the end of September – the beginning of October. In  this sense, the premier mentioned that, according to the evaluations made by epidemiologists, in July and August there will be probably ‘ a very important reduction of the number of cases’ on condition ‘ all measures and rules’ are obeyed.

The prime-minister appreciated that ‘the Romanians are serious-minded people’ and they obey the rules, and the best proof is the fact that the  number of daily cases dropped under 200.

‘To be able to have a campaign, you need that the level of the epidemics be very low, the number of cases who are infected – and the period of time when this campaign can be organized. From our point of view, the best moment to organize the local elections would be the end of September, the beginning of October, when people come back from their holiday – as July and August are months for  holidays – in September when the second wave is not announced. The estimates regarding the second wave are that they should start between 15th October – 1st November, so we have the possibility in this window of opportunity to organize a serious campaign, to organize elections’ the head of the government said.