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PM Tudose about the perception in Brussels "which is quite different from reality here"


Premier Mihai Tudose said on Wednesday that magistrates' accountability must exist just as litigants are also being held accountable. 

He also spoke about two different perceptions of the ministers with criminal issues - the reality provided by the presumption of innocence, and the perception in Brussels, "which is quite different from reality here," which is where the problem with minister for Regional Development Sevil Shhaideh, and European Funds minister Rovana Plumb arises from. 

"Just as in the case of litigants where the one found wrong must pay, yes, magistrate accountability must also exist. As for the government-related part of the problem, I cannot help feeling for my colleagues in the government who are today under stress because of this problem. Everybody must understand that our biggest problem now is for the act of governance to take place normally, and that we carry program of governance through, and an important element in this program is attracting European funds." He also detailed the difference between reality and perception in the case of the two ministers, with the presumption of innocence as a hard-fact reality at this time (mentioning that there have been multiple cases of indicted persons who proved their innocence during the criminal process) and the perception in Brussels which is quite different from local reality. "As our two colleagues are positioned exactly in this area of relationships with Brussels, this is where the problem arises from. So, I do have a personal opinion I've shared with you, and a must-do as head of government. That's all," said the Premier at the Palace of Parliament.

He added that he didn't receive the resignations of the Regional Development and European Funds ministers, Sevil Shhaideh and Rovana Plumb, mentioned as being on the Cabinet reshuffle list. 

Asked at the Palace of Parliament if he received the resignations of the ministers in view for reshuffle Sevil Shhaideh and Rovana Plumb, Tudose denied. "No," he said. 

The Social Democrats will convene on Thursday in the National Executive Committee meeting, with the government reshuffle being one of the topics on the meeting agenda.