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PM Tudose: current circumstances in Romania would require the introduction of mandatory vaccination


Prime Minister Mihai Tudose says that the current circumstances in Romania would require the introduction of mandatory vaccination. 

Asked by Radio Romania Actualitati public radio station in an interview on Friday if the current situation in Romania would require mandatory vaccination Tudose said: "I think so. There are vaccines that against communicable diseases, so that any parent [refusing vaccination] will endanger not only his or her child, but the whole community. In all European, North-Atlantic civilisation, the percentage of immunised children must be over 95 percent. Pardon me, but Romania is at 50 percent, as a national average, far away from the civilised world." 

At the same time, Tudose mentioned that the Government on Thursday had a first reading of the vaccination law. 

"It does not solve all problems (...) On the one hand, at the end of the problem there are hiatuses in the supply of vaccines. Then we have found that even when they exist they do not reach in due time all over the country. Even when they did arrive in the country, not everyone in the public healthcare system cared enough about the children being vaccinated, and, lastly, there were those irresponsible parents - and I know what I say - who, under various pretexts or beliefs, decided that their children should not be vaccinated," said Tudose. 

According to the prime minister, a vaccination law "can start with securing the necessary stocks". 

"I have pledged to reinvigorate and reinvent the Cantacuzino Institute as a government project and also as a personal project, so that Romania may also produce its own vaccines, then the vaccines may be distributed and the doctors may do their job effectively. It is unacceptable for us to have counties with less than 50 percent of vaccinated children. That is absolutely unbelievable," Tudose said. 

Asked about when he estimates the law to get implemented, Tudose replied: "It is a priority of the entire government; once again, it is a priority. The sooner, the better, but it has to be fine." 

Tudose went on to say that he is also considering other measures to increase children vaccination rates. 

"We waited for a month, let's say, for measures taken on gentle requests only. We asked Mr Minister to start using the scalpel; he did so, as we can see (...) We will move on to the next stage, if things do not work, to a bigger scalpel. We're going up the chain, we cannot afford to play with that," Tudose said.