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PM Victor Ponta: Single share remains 16%


The single share will remain at the present level of 16% because it represents a decision adopted upon the setting up of the Social Liberal Union (USL), said premier Victor Ponta. Asked by journalists whether he backs the passage to a progressive share of 16%, 18% and 20%, Ponta said he did in general but not for the moment. “not now. In principle as any social-democrat , although progressive taxes exist in Germany and Mrs Merkel is not a social-democrat, or in Great Britain – in general I back the idea but we have a clear political understanding upon the setting up of USL to preserve the single share and it remains 16%,” Ponta said.


Crin Antonescu, the PNL chairman declared on Thursday that the PNL mandate for talks with IMF was against increasing taxes for 2014, in the context of talks about the state budget and admitted that they were looking for solutions to ensure financial resources for 2014.


Asked about the PNL mandate for a possible tax increase Antonescu said: “The mandate is no. Mr Chitoiu clearly said tonight that this mandate is also valid for talks with IMF.” On Wednesday night finance minister and liberal deputy premier Daniel Chitoiu declared that PNL would not continue to rule is the level of the single tax share grew in 2014.USL leaders talked about the variant of reducing VAT and increasing the single share in the context of talks about the 2014 budget.


Premier Ponta said on Thursday that he had asked the finance minister to draw different scenarios to increase budget incomes discussed within USL, as it was easier to ask reductions of taxes and money on TV when there is an election campaign and no responsibility.He pointed out that he would not increase the single tax share but expected conclusions of the finance minister.


Flat tax not to increase, reducing CAS is in discussion (Antonescu)


The flat tax will not increase and the reduction of the social security contributions (CAS) is in discussion, with solutions being sought by the Ministry of Public Finance to become feasible, PNL President Crin Antonescu said on Thursday.

'It is in discussion (reducing social security contributions - editor's note) , we support it very strongly. In principle, the Premier was open to this option. Formulas are sought at the Ministry of Finance to make it feasible, but the idea remains', said Antonescu.

He also stressed that the flat tax will not rise.

'Neither we do support it, nor it will increase. (...) Things are set in 2012, in the government program. I also said , when this public discussion emerged, which I did not generate, or someone else in the PNL , we very clearly said it that PNL does not agree with it and will not accept such a thing. On the same occasion, I stressed that Premier Ponta did not come to propose the flat tax increase', Crin Antonescu explained.

According to the President of PNL, all the discussion about the flat tax increase had not and have no basis whatsoever, being a shunned option.

'There is no reason to perceive all the discussion about the budget construction with everything that involves, searching for resources, holes plugging, contacts and understandings with the IMF in a domestic policy key. So, there is not a dispute between the National Liberal Party and PSD, it is a normal joint, team, governmental effort, to which the Minister of Finance, and the Prime Minister and the Minister for Budget participate, seeking to build a budget set to aid the country's economy, to serve the state's obligations and interests toward the citizens, in conformity, as closely as possible, with the governance program. At the moment when we will have a tangible variant, we will discuss it, will explain it, will justify it', Antonescu emphasized.