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PNL, PDL merger possible before 2016 parliamentary elections

The Democratic Liberal Party (PDL, in opposition) chairman Vasile Blaga said on Wednesday a merger of his party with the National Liberals (PNL, in opposition) could be possible before the parliamentary elections scheduled for 2016, provided the analyses to be made show the two parties can garner more votes than if running separately.

'It is possible to have such a merger, if the analyses show that together we get more than separately', Blaga told a news conference after the party's National Standing Bureau meeting.

He added there is no time for discussions over a merger at this moment.

'My argument is the manner that the parties or alliances have performed after 1990. Alliances, even though having problems afterwards, have always got much better results than the parties having resulted from mergers. If we began talks about a merger today, we would deal with the merger only, and there is no time for that. Let us see at least the [November] presidential elections over, and then we can begin talks on this matter too', Blaga stressed.

Asked whether the right-wing unification might be possible without the People's Movement Party (PMP), Blaga answered, 'Yes. Such talks are currently take place between the PDL and the PNL. As to what those in the PMP will do, we'll see'.

The Democratic Liberal head spoke of the proposals his party will put forward in the discussions with the Liberals.

'I think we'll very fast agree on the economic offer, which is important even in the presidential debate. I think we'll have no problems for both our parties to back the European and Euro-Atlantic track of Romania. I think we'll have no problem in supporting the rule of law state, a minimal yet powerful state, and backing the setupof the conditions for the creation of jobs - namely cutting the tax pressure on the employers. We have separate projects, but ones that have been tabled to Parliament by both our parties. (...) We will ultimately build the team to put such things into practice', the PDL chairman underscored.