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PNL's Citu: The viable solution is to rebuild the coalition around PNL

Acting Prime Minister Florin Citu, the national leader of the National Liberal Party (PNL), said on Thursday that at this moment the "viable solution" for Romania is to rebuild the coalition around PNL, and the Save Romania Union (USR) must "admit the mistake of voting for the motion of censure."

"We make the decisions in the PNL leadership forums. We already have a decision of the Executive Bureau that says very clearly that we cannot be at rule with the party that has voted a motion against us. We are very easy to get over how we got here today and I hear a lot in the public space the word 'responsibility', thrown very easily from those who voted or submitted a motion with AUR [Alliance for the Union of Romanians], from those who voted a motion with AUR and PSD [Social Democratic Party], from those who a month ago pulled out from the government the minister of health leaving Romania without a minister at a difficult time. It is difficult to take seriously this word, responsibility, coming from these people, but where we all agree: that to Romania stability is important. And the restoration of the coalition is an important thing; but, of course, the restoration of the coalition around PNL, is the solution that we are advancing which, from our point of view, is the viable solution," said Citu at a news conference at the Government House asked if PNL could back a USR minority government.

He added that the USR should "publicly acknowledge its mistake" in voting a no-confidence motion against the government.

"I wouldn't get easily over the way it got here today. You can't say you're responsible today when you were irresponsible a week ago, a month ago; for one month there has been an ongoing attack on government actions, there is a motion signed with AUR, a majority with AUR and PSD. And now just showing up and saying we are responsible! If we want to get over this moment, they have to acknowledge their mistake and then we can move on. When we say responsibility we have to own some decisions we have made, we have to publicly confess being wrong and then move on," Citu said.