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PNL's Klaus Iohannis: Governmental crisis has set in


First Deputy Chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Klaus Iohannis admitted on Thursday that the ruling Social Liberal Union (USL), which is made up of PNL, the Social Democratic Party (PSD), the Conservative Party (PC) and the National Union for Romania's Progress (UNPR), has been through the most acute crisis to date, which led to a governmental crisis too, but this is no 'major problem for Romania.'

'I do not think that an uncertain atmosphere has set in. It goes without saying that a governmental crisis has set in, which will be solved and finished one way or another. I do not regard this stage as a major problem for Romania, no matter whether the USL members will come to terms or whether other negotiations will be needed. The Government will have its way. Romania is not unstable, and democracy is not in danger either. I can set President Basescu's mind at rest,' Iohannis told a press conference.

When asked if this is the most acute crisis of USL, Iohannis answered in the affirmative.

According to him, although people make 'very biting statements, statements that do not do any good to negotiations, it goes without saying that there is still the chance to successfully carry through these negotiations, which will lead to a small change in the structure of the Government.'

Iohannis urged people to be patient about the developments in the negotiations over the new Government, but he admitted 'the chances to successfully carry them through are slimmer and slimmer.'

He also said that, 'technically speaking, the ministries work.'

'Government meetings are held. People work. There is no instability. We are far away from the ideal situation in which we have a government that concentrates on its work, draws European funds and does a good job when encouraging investors and real economy. We are not in such a situation because there is a strain in everything,' explained Iohannis.

Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Tuesday suggested to USL a formula with four deputy prime ministers representing PNL, PSD, UNPR and PC that failed to win consensus.


Iohannis: PSD will have to choose between PC and PNL


First Deputy Chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL), in the ruling Social Liberal Union (USL) Klaus Iohannis told a press conference in Sibiu on Thursday that the Social Democratic Party (PSD), a USL member, would have to choose between the Conservative Party (PC), also a USL member, and PNL, as the Liberals do not accept a Conservative as deputy prime minister.

'We don't ask anything from anyone. (...) PSD will consequently have to make a very simple choice between us and them,' Iohannis said, referring to the Conservatives' request of having a deputy prime minister.

He said the Liberals could not accept 'PC being put on an equal footing with PNL.'

Iohannis pointed out that PNL did not ask PSD to give up the alliance with PC.

'No one asked PSD to give up an alliance with PC, although I do not really know what they can get out of it, but it is their business. We have not made any kind of request in this direction. If, all of a sudden, they get along very well, they should stay together. It is all right,' Iohannis explained.

When asked if it was fair for PNL and PC to be on an equal footing, Iohannis said, 'Not at all. We don't even accept terms of comparison in this sense. Why should we?'

Currently, there is not any kind of negotiation going within USL, Iohannis added.

'There isn't any kind of negotiation and most certainly at the start of next week, at the latest, the contact among the alliance partners will be resumed and a conclusion will be drawn. We believe it is good for everyone to accept what we proposed, for us to join the Government and to get the job done. Anything else is unacceptable and a waste of time in our view,' Iohannis said.

He also said there were no talks about PNL pulling out of the ruling alliance.

Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Tuesday said he proposed the Social Liberal Union a formula of four deputy prime ministers, one each from PNL, PSD, the National Union for Romania's Progress (UNPR) and PC, pointing out they did not reach consensus on this proposal.


PNL's Antonescu: Wrong to believe PNL accepts turning USL into Ponta's estate


National leader of the National Liberal Party (PNL), in the ruling Social Liberal Union (USL), Crin Antonescu on Thursday said PNL asked Romanians for a vote on the Social Liberal Union, which also includes the Social Democratic Party (PSD), the Conservative Party (PC) and the National Union for Romania's Progress (UNPR). He insisted that PNL will not accept turning USL into the 'estate' of PSD national leader Victor Ponta.

'There is one thing that should be clear to Victor Ponta, Conservative Party's Daniel Constantin and PSD Senator Ilie Sarbu: PNL asked Romanians to vote USL, but if anyone believes that PNL, unassumingly, will accept USL tuning into Ponta's estate or some kind of a bigger Social Democratic Union (USD) is wrong. And that is what I have to say calmly, friendly and in full openness,' Antonescu told Antena 3 private broadcaster hinting to the USD that was recently created for electoral purposes by all the USL members except for PNL.

He added that USL reached an impasse, but instated that he does not want USL to break up
'It is very true that he who forces the breakup of USL or the Government is doing something very serious in the eyes of the voters who cast their vote for us, but neither I, nor PNL ever had this intention; proof to this is the fact that we accepted many things, and even the proposals for the reshuffle we made indicate our intention to be very seriously involved in governing and not to break it up or leave,' said Antonescu.

He mentioned that Ponta said about the recent nominations of PNL that are very good.

'The idea of changing the rules of the game, of imposing other political relations inside a union that had a very clear structure and organisation that has so far been followed may lead to the union breaking up. We do not want the union to break up. We put forth some proposals within the limits of the initial agreement, regarding our places,' said Antonescu.

He added that the impasse in which USL finds itself is related to the attempts by the prime minister to impose a different structure of the Government.

'The current impasse relates to the attempt by Mr. Ponta to impose a different structure of the Government, with a different number of deputy prime ministers, a different balance of force, which is unacceptable to us. We even accepted other proposals coming from Mr. Ponta for reorganisation inside the Government, proposals that turn four ministers-delegate into full ministers, three of the PSD and one of PNL. We made and continue to do our best not to make much fuss about such matters, but changing the initial limits is unacceptable,' said Antonescu.