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Ponta: Romania is not in danger, but for R. of Moldova the danger is very great

Prime Minister Victor Ponta told Antena 3 private television broadcaster that Romania was not in danger of conflict with Russia, taking into account its NATO and EU member state statute, but that in the current regional context, there was a very great danger for the Republic of Moldova.

\\\'For Romania is not a danger because we are in NATO and in the EU. Yes, it is a very great danger for the Republic of Moldova. And, if you wish, we are obviously very interested in what happens with Ukraine, but the closest to us, to our soul and in all respects, is the Republic of Moldova,\\\' the Prime Minister said, when asked what would happen if the Russian Federation wanted to do with Transnistria what it wished to do with Crimea.

Ponta reiterated that \\\'for the Republic of Moldova is a very great danger,\\\' but said that he did not want to rush with an opinion on what would happen in the conditions in which the situation in Transnistria, ongoing for 20 years, escalated.

\\\'He certainly was right at this point, I sometimes have to say Mr Basescu is right, in saying: we cannot go into war with Russia alone, we are a part of NATO. But, obviously, no one wants to get there. However, I believe the most important thing, to avoid such crisis, is to do everything in the coming period in Romania\\\'s power, without being a provocation to anyone,\\\' the Prime Minister said.

Ponta brought to mind in context the recent measures taken by the Government, namely the transfer to the Republic of Moldova of 20 million euros for developing the education infrastructure, as well as the measures taken within the EU for lifting the travel visas for Moldovan citizens.

The Prime Minister also pointed out that next week he would have a meeting at the border with his Moldovan counterpart Iurie Leanca to mark the moment of free movement within the EU for the Republic of Moldova citizens, but also to talk about the stage of joint energy projects, the Iasi-Ungheni gas pipeline and the transmission lines.