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Popular Movement Party (PMP) officially registered


Eugen Tomac announced on Tuesday the official registration in court of the Popular Movement party. At the press conference Tomac was accompanied by former PDL members and present party colleagues, Teodor Baconschi, Cristian Predescuand Adrian Papahagi, who are also part of the provisional leading structure of the party. As acting president of PMP, Tomac declared the future party “is and will be president Traian Basescu’s partner” and euro parliamentary elections of 2014 are a priority.


Eugen Tomac: PMP stays partner to President Basescu; we are Christian Democratic and Liberal party


The interim chairman of the People's Movement Party (PMP), Deputy Eugen Tomac, said on Tuesday that the new political group would stay a partner to President Traian Basescu and support the projects he started and also described the new group as being 'a Christian-Democratic and Liberal party.'

'We want to be the real right wing voice of the Romanian citizens who have right wing convictions. We want to be a credible alternative to the [ruling alliance of] Social Liberal Union for all honest and correct citizens in this country. ... We suggest to the Romanians the project of a country, a state of welfare, of confidence and correctness among people,' Tomac told the conference launching the People's Movement Party.

He made it clear that PMP would make no difference among the Romanian citizens, no matte where they live.

Tomac also said that one of the aims of the newly launched party would be the unreserved support of the Republic of Moldova on its way to the European integration.

'We are a Christian-Democratic and Liberal party, this is where we take our political tradition from. We are and stay the partners of Romania's President. We support and shall go on supporting the reforms the Romanian Head of State started. We think it is very important for our country to be respected and appreciated by our partners,' said Tomac.

He insisted on thanking the founder members of the People's Movement Foundation for trusting him and nominating him coordinator of the party.

Tomac said that PMP was born against the background of some real expectation of the Romanian citizens as, in his opinion, the existing political parties at present have no 'guarantee for the future of this country.'
The PMP committee on national initiative is made up of interim chairman Eugen Tomac and the following members of the leadership: Teodor Baconschi, Adrian Papahagi, Cristian Petrescu and Dragos Ciuparu.

On Tuesday they handed in to the court the documents necessary for the setting up of the People's Movement Party. Its logo is an apple and the colours selected by the members of the party are green and blue.