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President Basescu asks Russian Federation to cut all means of support for pro-Russian separatists

President Traian Basescu took note of the deepening crisis in eastern Ukraine and asked the Russian Federation to immediately cut all means of support for the pro-Russian paramilitary forces and assume the complete control of the Russian-Ukrainian border in order to contribute to the stabilization of the situation in eastern Ukraine.

'The Romanian President, Traian Basescu, took note of the deepening crisis in eastern Ukraine following the crossing of the eastern Russian-Ukrainian border by separatist forces carrying heavy military equipment. A situation like this requires the firm and direct responsibility of the Russian Federation in relation to the escalation of the conflict in eastern Ukraine, which in resulted in thousands of deaths, wounded and huge suffering among the civil population,' showed the release of the Presidential Administration on Monday.

Basescu believes that the Russian Federation supports the escalation of conflict in eastern Ukraine by tolerating the combatants who are crossing the Ukrainian border while carrying heavy military equipment.'The Russian Federation becomes thus responsible for maintaining the conflict alive between the separatist paramilitary forces and the Ukrainian Army,' said the abovementioned source.