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President Iohannis: An extraordinary budget revision is being shaped up


President Klaus Iohannis has announced on Wednesday that an extraordinary budget revision is being shaped up, destined to earmark money for Health and the payment of technical unemployment.

"An extraordinary budget revision is being shaped up which will be carried out in this state of emergency on two levels. A budget revision is needed in order to earmark more money for Health - the people's health is the first priority, and in order to solve the problems both people and money are needed. The second matter refers to the Romanians who, for various reasons, no longer go to work - the company closes or enters technical unemployment - and then, money is needed to support the people, to cover the money allocated for technical unemployment," the head of state explained, after the meeting with Government members for the assessment and presentation of the measures regarding the management of the COVID-19 epidemic.

He showed that the discussions tackled Romania's state of economy, social protection and public finance. "I was able to notice that there are many good projects at the Government level. There is a lot of involvement and desire to solve the problems so that both Romanians and Romanian companies go through this crisis as well as possible. Special measures are needed in special times. We understood that Romanians also have huge problems, each in their own way, we understood that companies too have very big problems. We want to come up with support measures both for the common people and the Romanian economy and the Romanian companies, in order not to sacrifice more than is absolutely necessary to go through this crisis, because the crisis will end at some point and we all wish that, when the sanitary crisis ends, Romania can be in the situation to immediately restart the economy and return to a normal life that we all desire," Iohannis said.