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President Iohannis, at the meeting for the presentation of the 2016 activity report of the National Defence Ministry


President Klaus Iohannis said on Tuesday that the allocation this year of 2 percent of GDP to the budget of the Ministry of Defence sets the prerequisites in place for the fulfillment of the goals Romania has committed to. 

"Ensuring 2 percent of GDP in financing this year, in line with the political commitment made in January 2015, sets the conditions in place for the accomplishment of all the goals committed to. Organizational measures and responsible and timely managerial measures are however necessary. The responsibilities incumbent on Romania following the decisions taken at the [NATO] Warsaw Summit must be the result of joint and comprehensive efforts of the institutions with security and defense responsibilities, to the benefit of Romania and all Romanians, therefore inter-institutional cooperation in general and co-work of the Defence Ministry and the Foreign Affairs Ministry in particular, are essential," the head of the state told the meeting for the presentation of the 2016 activity report of the National Defence Ministry. 

Iohannis stressed that Romania has a solid conceptual and regulatory framework based on the Country's National Defence Strategy for 2015 - 2019, on the Plan for the Strategy's implementation, the Defence Planning Law, the White Defence Paper, the Military Strategy, the Plan to implement the decisions of the NATO Summit in Warsaw. 

"The defence budget for this year sets the prerequisites in place for the accomplishment of the ambitious goals you committed to for 2017," said Iohannis. 

He underscored that the troops and civilians are the most precious resource of the Romanian Force. 

"The women and men who devote their life to serving their fatherland under the tricolor flag are a truly elite corps not only because of the high moral and professional standards they assume, but also because of the many sacrifices they make. Both in the country and in the theaters of operations, you are always there where Romania requires you to be, working with patriotism, loyalty and modesty under the motto 'Honor and Fatherland'," added the head of state.