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President Iohannis had talks with Prime Minister Viorica Dancila regarding national foreign policy


President Klaus Iohannis on Tuesday had talks with Prime Minister Viorica Dancila where he underscored that it is imperative that Romania's foreign policy be done only in the country's interest and that internal tensions should cease immediately, calling for loyal and fair institutional co-operation.

"During the talks, President Klaus Iohannis underscored that it is imperative that Romania's foreign policy be done only in the interest of Romania and that domestic tensions over foreign policy issues should cease immediately so that Romania can remain a credible player in the relationship with the United States of America, at the level of the European Union and NATO, as well as in the other strategic partnerships in which the country is engaged," reads a statement released by the Presidential Administration.

Iohannis warned that "Romania's foreign policy must be characterised by constancy and predictability, with some red lines that political decision-makers have never crossed, irrespective of their political hues." "Changing the balanced and equidistant position that Romania has so far had would only cause concern and anxiety," Iohannis said, according to the official statement.

He called for loyal and correct institutional co-operation, in accordance with the legal and constitutional framework in force, underlining that this is the conduct that must guide all government actions in the national interest.

According to the Presidential Administration, Prime Minister Viorica Dancila, Deputy Prime Minister for Implementation of Romania's Strategic Partnerships Ana Birchall, and Foreign Minister Teodor Melescanu, who attended the consultations, also expressed the view that a loyal institutional approach is needed when it comes to the foreign policy of Romania.

Iohannis also pointed out that the major foreign policy decisions of the country that have strategic effects, including on the national security and Romanian citizens, must always be made with responsibility and discernment.

În turn, Prime Minister Viorica Dancila told President Klaus Iohannis that as the head of the Executive, her main objective is to uphold Romania's interests and identify the best ways to consolidate our country's role and profile internationally, a press release of the Executive sent on Tuesday informs.

The premier and the president had consultations "on topics of foreign policy, developments in the Middle East, including the issue of the relocation of Romania's Embassy in the State of Israel."

"On this occasion, Romania's premier stated that as the head of the Government, who has the main responsibility to implement the governing programme, including with regard to foreign policy, her main objective is to uphold Romania's interests and identify the best ways to consolidate our country's role and profile internationally. She highlighted that launching a process of analysis and assessment regarding the possibility to relocate Romania's Embassy in the State of Israel is meant to back the above-mentioned objectives, at a time when the United States, Romania's main strategic partner and ally has made that decision and several states are analysing this proposal," reads the release.

"The Prime Minister brought to mind that Romania's recent demarche at the EU level aimed to reconfirm the common commitment for a peaceful solution to ratify the existence of the two states - Israel and Palestine - and to avoid any one-sided measures, which might have the potential to compromise the peace process. The elements proposed by Romania were thus in line with the language and conclusions adopted by the European Council on 14 December 2017 and in complete agreement with the official stance upheld nationally, by Romania's president, included," the Gov't shows.

"In order to handle as efficiently as possible all these challenges, the adoption of a moderate and balanced position on behalf of all the actors involved is needed, and at national level, my presence today, at Cotroceni Presidential palace, is proof that this commitment and the desire for continuity in foreign policy are truly supported," the premier stated at the end of the meeting with the president, according to the same release.

The consultations at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace took place following an invitation from Iohannis to Dancila to clarify some aspects of Romania's foreign policy, including the relocation of the Embassy of Romania in Israel.