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President Iohannis: Romania went back 11 years ago, where it was before joining the EU


Romania went back 11 years ago, where it was before joining the EU, and the Dragnea-Dancila Government wiped away all the effort it made towards membership, said President Klaus Iohannis on Tuesday.

"Both the European Parliament Resolution and the CVM Report mention the same things - Romanians, most Romanians, I and many others, want to be Europeans, build a solid, transparent democracy for the Romanians. Unfortunately, this democracy crash, Dragnea - Dancila governing has completely different idea and it is trying to pull the country backwards, "Iohannis said at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace.

According to him, the multiple changes to the laws of justice and criminal codes "have drawn attention in the most negative way."

"These things do a major harm to us and we have to notice that, for example, Dragnea - to use an expression from Caragiale [renowned Romanian playwright, ed.n.] - and go on and fight, and go on and fight and carry the suitcases and speaks in-between doors, in front of the door, behind the door, there is a fight going on, the bad news is that they are fighting against Romania, instead of fighting for Romania. About Madame Prime minister I would not say that she is fighting but to paraphrase an old saying: Rome is burning and madame prime minister is fiddling in Arabia. It is very worrisome, and these things must give us food for thought," the president said.

He added that "the only objective of the Dragnea-Dancila Government is to deliver Dragnea from the cases (in which he is being prosecuted, ed.n.)."