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President Iohannis: We must set up a Liberal government immediately; any day with dimissed gov't is lost


President Klaus Iohannis on Friday stated that a Liberal government must be set up immediately, for each day with the dismissed Government still in place after the adoption of the motion of censure is "a lost day" for the Romanians.

"We need to set up a Liberal government immediately. We really need to move fast, very fast, for every new day with the confused, failed, dismissed, PSD (Social Democratic Party) government still in place, even if it's just the interim government right now, is a lost day for Romania and for the Romanians," pointed out the head of the state in Brasov, at the regional meeting of the PNL (National Liberal Party) organisations in the central region of the country.

He spoke about the consultations on Friday, at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace, which followed the adoption of the censure motion.

"There were some who skipped the consultations. The Social Democrats skipped the consultations. They had no reason to skip, but they still preferred to stay away," said Iohannis. The head of the state labeled this a proof that PSD "understood nothing from the motion" and "continues to work against the Romanians and Romania."

He asked the Social Democratic Party (PSD) to take care "not to spend the Romanians' money" during the interim governing, while mentioning at the same time that there won't be any salary or pension cuts in the coming period.

"We need a government to close the 2019 budget with responsibility. And in this context it is important to underscore and I warn the PSD not to spend the Romanians' money during this interim period. We need a government immediately to repair the damage made by the PSD in economy. And I want to say now something that I know very well: there won't be any cuts in salaries and pensions. And I say this to contradict a misinformation launched by the PSD people. And I want to repeat this: there won't be any salary or pension cuts," showed President Iohannis, in a statement at the Cotroceni Palace.

Previously, Iohannis held consultations with the parliamentary parties to designate a candidate for Prime Minister.