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President Iohannis will not start referendum for justice at the moment, but he did not give up the idea ( media sources)


President Klaus Iohannis will not start the referendum for justice but he did not give up the referendum, which he will use ‘as an insurance policy to save the justice if PSD tries to weaken the criminal legislation or to attack key institutions in the judicial system’ Hotnews says, quoting official sources from Cotroceni.

According to the quoted sources, the street protests reached their objective and ordnance 13 through which they tried to disincriminate partially the abuse in office and conflict of interests was stopped, so that a referendum would be ‘ a bullet in the air’.

The president announced on 23 January the organisation of a referendum, but after receiving the agreement of the parliament on 13 February, Klaus Iohannis did not discuss about this issue any more.

Sources in Cotroceni stated for Hotnews.ro that ‘ the weapon of the referendum’ could not be used another time in case PSD tries to attack the justice one more time, and that is why the president did not announce the date for the people’s consultation. ‘ It is very possible that PSD tries new attacks of the justice, that is why a referendum organised now would make it less efficient in the future’ the quoted sources explained.

On the other hand, in the absence of the parties support and without any objective, there is the risk that the referendum be a failure and the attendance threshold of 30% not be reached.

On 14 February, one day after the parliament gave its agreement, president Klaus Iohannis stated that he will announce ‘ in the days to come’ the date when the referendum will be organised, as well as the question on the polling bulletin. Since then, the head of state has said nothing about it anymore.