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President Timofti says partnership with Romania will increase Moldova’s energy self sufficiency

Nicolae Timofti, the president of Moldova, declared in Suceava on Tuesday that joint energy projects with Romania will increase his country’s energy self sufficiency, with positive effect on the whole economy.

The Moldovan president says that carrying out interconnection and energy projects for the IAsi-Chisinau gas pipe will not just increase Moldova’s energy and political independence but will trigger a chain reaction for the whole economy of Moldova.

Timofti remarked that the value of bilateral trade has grown, exceeding one billion euros.

“Romania has become Moldova’s prime partner both for exports and imports. We can anticipate a substantial increase of the volume of our trade with Romania and with other EU member states. In order to ensure an increased volume of goods and passengers in Moldova and EU we must modernize transport networks, bridges, roads and railroads,”Timofti said.

He pointed out that building a modern highways linking Chisinau to Iasi and Cluj and connecting Moldova to the highways network in the west of the continent would be profitable from the economic point of view as well.

“Moldova’s path to Europe goes through Romania. Ways by which information, ideas, concepts and assets travel in the Romanian language should not be less important than highways. We must demolish administrative and economic barriers which prevent today access in Moldova for TV stations, films, computer programs and applications in the Romanian language and pop culture of Romanian expression. Otherwise future generations might not understand each others while having the same tongue in different languages,” said the president of Moldova.

He also showed that one day, sooner or later Romania and Moldova will meet in the European Union.

“The border on the Prut river will be just a formality. We will travel from Chisinau to Suceava on a modern highway to visit out student grandchildren and professors from Stefan cel Mare University,”Nicolae Timofti concluded.

President Nicolae Timofti received the Doctor Honoris Causa degree for special merits in promoting Moldova's European accession process, for strengthening relations between Romania and the Republic of Moldova, as well as for the special attention he paid to education and training of the younger generation, as the Rector of the Suceava-based academic institution, University Professor of Engineering PhD Valentin Popa, mentioned in his speech. 

The Senate of the Suceava University took the decision to confer the academic title to the Moldovan head of state in 2013, at the initiative of the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Public Administration. However, the ceremony was delayed until now by objective reasons.