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Prime Minister-designate sends party leaders truce proposal to support minority government



On Tuesday, Prime Minister-designate Nicolae Ciuca sent to the leaders of the parliamentary parties a document proposing a political truce to support a minority government for a limited period of time, announced the National Liberal Party (PNL) leader Florin Citu.

"PNL is the party that, so far, has offered the only solution to unblock the political crisis, the one through which the party leader has made a new nomination for the position of prime minister, in the person of Mr. Nicolae Ciuca. I saw that, still, the other parties, PSD [the Social Democratic Party], in particular, and AUR [the Alliance for the Union of Romanians]... and USR [Save Romania Union] continue to remain obstinate in the stances they held, even before this nomination, although in the public space they always say that they would like to unblock this crisis. We are coming today with a new element we hope should unblock this situation for at least a period and we should have a new government, with full powers for the next period. (...) Today, the prime minister-designate sent to the leaders of the parliamentary parties a document, which represents, in fact, a truce, through which all these political parties will support this minority government, for a determined period, about which we will talk about and support in the Romanian Parliament, through draft laws, we will not sabotage the activity of this government until this winter. (...) We need to unblock this political crisis," Citu declared at the PNL headquarters.

He added that if the other parties do not agree to take a step towards unblocking the crisis, then the responsibility for a situation that can no longer be managed will belong to them.

"We are coming with this document that all political leaders should sign, we agree to unblock this crisis. If we still do not understand the importance of the situation Romania is going through and we do not understand ..., the other parties do not understand to take a step to unblock the crisis, we see that we are moving quickly towards a situation that we can no longer manage, and the responsibility, in the end, will fall upon these parties, USR and PSD," Citu claimed.

The demarche initiated by the Liberals represents, according to the PNL leader, a truce for a specified period.

"We are discussing it with the political leaders, let us see first the response of these political leaders to this approach of the PNL. First let's see the response of these parties to this approach of the PNL and then we see how much longer this government can last. (...) This is exactly what this truce offers, stability," said Citu.

The minority government will be a PNL-UDMR (Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania) one, said the Liberal leader, when asked what the Executive for which this support is requested will look like.

"It is a minority PNL-UDMR government, we support it until we all discuss and then we see what the solutions are," Citu said.

Regarding the PNL's reaction if PSD comes with the proposal to enter government, he declared: "It is a somewhat strange message, because two weeks ago PSD said that it does not want to govern, now it wants to govern".

"I believe that we should no longer play with the lives of Romanians, today we want to govern, tomorrow we do not want to govern. Today we have a solution on the table, there is a prime minister designate, with a minority government, we all support it if we want the good of Romanians, we do it neither for PNL, nor for PSD, nor for USR, we do it for the good of the Romanians. We manage this sanitary crisis and after that we can discuss in the spring," said Citu.

The PNL leader stressed that if this approach is not successful, the Liberals will go further to negotiate a parliamentary majority.

"We are not stopping here, but at the same time, I return to my initial message: PNL has shown Romanians that it has the maturity to make an important decision, to move the party leader from the position of prime minister. It is the responsibility of PSD and USR to show that what they said in the last days is not just words, they have to take action, as well," Citu also declared.