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Producers in Tarnava Mare area organised in associative structure to carry on "Flavours of our neighbourhood" Project


Producers from the Tarnava Mare area, who participated in the EU funded home delivery of traditional food baskets "Flavours of our neighbourhood" / Bucate din vecinatate Project, initiated by the Women's Neighborhood Association of Saschiz through the Local Action Group (LAG) Dealurile Tarnavelor, decided to set up an associative structure in order to be able to continue to sell their products, after the non-reimbursable financing ended.

"The number of orders has increased a lot in recent months, especially before the holidays, and we have come to the conclusion that in order to continue the project, as the grant is over, the producers need to partner up, to move forward together. Some of the producers who took part in the creation of the "Flavours of our neighbourhood" short food chain have now set up the Dealurile Tarnavelor Cooperative. They were joined by other producers who did not take part in the initial project but wanted to be part of this concept. For us, at least from the perspective of the Local Action Group (LAG) Dealurile Tarnavelor and the funding we provide for local development, it was a success and a joy, because we had in our strategy the measure to create short food chains, as well as the measure of associative structure. And the two measures have been complementary and a real support for the producers in our area," said the representative of Tarnava Mare LAG, Florentina Calugar.

According to her, through this cooperative, the producers will be able to jointly sell the products and will thus be able to continue the project of delivering the baskets with traditional products from the Tarnava Mare area.

"For the time being, they are delivering in the Sighisoara and Targu Mures area, but there are also requests from other localities in the country, especially the neighboring ones, Brasov and Sibiu. And it means that if they manage their common products very well, they will be able to get their products to other places as well," said Florentina Calugar.

The "Flavours of our neighbourhood" project, initiated by the Saschiz Women's Neighborhood Association through the Local Action Group (LAG) Dealurile Tarnavelor, was funded by European funds, and it proved to be a visionary one for the emergency period generated by the new coronavirus pandemic, as orders were far above expectations.

The "Flavours of our neighbourhood" project had a non-reimbursable value of 60,000 euros, and its role was to set up a peasant basket, which would bring together products from as many producers in Tarnava Mare as possible, for the development of short food chains, between producers and consumer.