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PSD's Dragnea had a meeting with President of the Party of European Socialists (PES) Sergei Stanisev


Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea stated on Thursday after the meeting with President of the Party of European Socialists (PES) Sergei Stanisev that the discussions tackled the implementation of the PSD's governing programme. 

"I had a very good meeting with our colleague and friend Sergei Stanisev, he is the President of the PES who led a delegation of MEPs of the Social Democrat group. We discussed normally about what was commented over the past period, about the future of Europe, but we talked a lot about what is happening in Romania, namely the implementation of the governing programme, the provisions of the programme and the stage of their implementation, because it's a programme with a powerful social-democratic emphasis, which aims at increasing revenues and developing the middle class of Romania, but also aims at a very, very attractive fiscal and business environment," Liviu Dragnea stated at the headquarters of the PSD.

PES's leader and former Bulgarian Premier Serghei Stanishev was invited a? special guest of the conference on 'The EU at 60. From Rome to Rome: Between Solidarity and Division' organized by the Titulescu European Foundation together with the EP Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists & Democrats (S & D), on Thursday. 

'As PES leader, I believe that the most important thing we need to accomplish is to restore the socialist essence of the European Union, because the idea of the providential state, of social protection and equal opportunities is a basic element of the Union. This idea was abandoned to a great extent, or pushed into the back line after the crises, this was basically a political choice of the European conservatives - the EPP family that proposed austerity to all countries under the claim that this will solve the economic crisis. But this didn't happen. (...) It just destroyed the essence of the society. We complain that populism and nationalism are on the rise, but this happened because people feel abandoned, frustrated, furious, and say that Europe acts like it didn't care about us. People do not see solidarity in Europe between the countries and inside the countries', Stanishev said.

Stanishev reminded that there are currently three political alternatives in Europe - the conservative line, the nationalist option - which is tempting to the citizens - but also the social-democratic alternative. The social democratic alternative for Europe and any other country is connected to this idea - to rebuild a Europe that offers equal opportunities, and this year we'll fight a political battle to rebuild socialist Europe, added Stanishev. 

According to him, the issue of the EU's survival is raised now, when one of the oldest member countries decided to leave the Union. 

In the opinion of the European leader, a great deal of the issues facing the EU today are the consequence of the Union's failure to be efficient and solve the problems faced by people, with the refugee and migration crisis posing a stark example in this sense. (...). We need to be united, Sergei Stanishev concluded. 



Friday, March 31, 2017