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PSD's National Council agrees amnesty and pardon, last resort to correct justice abuse

Justice Minister Tudorel Toader stated on Monday that Social Democratic party (PSD)'s National Council agreed that amnesty and pardon should be the last resort to correct justice abuse.

"Upon everything discussed in the sitting, you saw, as a matter of fact, that there was no question of a vote, there was no question of a decision. And an undertone that you have certainly kept in mind: right there, in that Council, it was said that if there are other solutions, legislative, of course, to correct the abuse committed, the agreement with the respective solutions was, obviously and naturally, voiced. If not, it was agreed that amnesty and pardon be the last resort solution to correct the abuse. (...) We are pondering, analysing and when we reach a conclusion we will communicate it to you," Toader told the press at the seat of the Justice Ministry.

He added that at present, it is being analysed if the other solutions are capable of eliminating the abuse.

"We are at this stage. Do not forget that the Constitutional Court is due to give a decision about the conflict over the protocols, do not forget that the constitutional court has given an opinion on the setting up of the formation of the Court (...).There consequently are a number of factors, a number of measures that we shall see whether they are capable or not to eliminate the abuse, if not, then the second stage can be discussed and then we need to see what the reference criteria are, if it has to do with the nature of the deed, the seriousness of the offence, if it is the imposed punishment, if it is the punishment provided for by the law. That means under analysis. Analysing doesn't mean that we sit around and waste time," the Justice minister said.

Tudorel Toader specified that presently an emergency ordinance (OUG) draft is being worked upon in view of the Criminal Codes' amendment.

"We are working on a draft, an emergency ordinance draft to amend the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code in agreement with the CCR decisions and for the transposition of the two directives - extended confiscation in the Criminal Code, the strengthening of the presumption of innocence in the criminal procedure. (...) In August, in October last year, respectively, the Justice Ministry finalised and sent to the Gov't the two draft laws with exactly the same content - amending the Criminal Code in agreement with the Court's decisions, unconstitutionality or interpretive decisions and extended confiscation," Tudorel Toader mentioned.

According to President Klaus Iohannis, 29 years after the anti-communist Revolution, that the memory of our martyrs is tarnished by the desperate attempts of some offenders, led by Liviu Dragnea, to impose amnesty and pardon, while underlining that Romania will not return to the dark reminder time of the state-party.

29 years ago, Romanians used to defend freedom and democracy with their own life. The ideals of the Revolution of December 1989 underlie our Constitution, which is the supreme guarantee that the sacrifice for the fundamental rights and liberties have not been in vain. Today, the memory of these martyrs is tarnished by the desperate attempts of some offenders, led by Liviu Dragnea, to impose amnesty and pardon. Romania will not get back to the dark reminder time of the state-party,” President Iohannis posted on Facebook.

PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea has said on Sunday that PSD-ALDE alliance has the duty to repair injustice and abuses.

Why the words amnesty and pardon represent a blasphemy. When there is talk in Romania about amnesty and pardon, it’s like talking about having an atomic bomb and thinking if using or not against EU, the world. I am not afraid to use these words”, Dragnea said, adding that a solution must be found to repair “injustice and abuses”.