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PSD treasurer: Dragnea and Grindeanu’s visit to the USA paid by party


Social-democrat (PSD) treasurer Mircea Draghici declared on Tuesday for Mediafax that the visit to the US made by PSD president Liviu Dragnea, on the occasion of Donald Trump investment, will be paid by PSD and not by the Chamber of Deputies. The party will also pay for premier Sorin Grindeanu’s trip.

“My colleagues studied the invitation better. It was made for the competitor who won elections in Romania - the president and the premier. It was normal for the party to pay,”the party treasurer said.

He pointed out that PSD would also pay for premier Grindeanu’s trip to the USA, who accompanies PSD president Dragnea.

Deputy premier Sevil Shhaideh will take over premier Grindeanu’s attributions between January 18 and 22.

A decree was published in the Official Monitor on Tuesday about this situation.