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PwC Report: Accelerating the health economy of tomorrow


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold, its extensive impact on healthcare is altering the very nature of health systems worldwide. What’s changing? Existing trends, which formerly grew incrementally—such as telemedicine and data-driven models—have accelerated substantially, resulting in a sooner-than-expected arrival of tomorrow’s healthcare ecosystem.

COVID-19 is rewriting the rules so quickly that in order for health organisations to thrive in this interconnected network—what we call the New Health Economy—each must adapt and develop a new strategic identity for the future. The task to repair, rethink and reconfigure models will help players emerge stronger from crisis—and deliver healthcare, reinvented.


The pandemic is accelerating the New Health Economy


The elements of the NHE have been building toward a more interconnected health ecosystem. But the pandemic has increased the speed of the transformation.

A host of health services previously conducted in person have shifted into digital spaces. Technologies such as video healthcare visits, at-home diagnostics and wearable monitors will continue to expand; R&D and clinical trials are already going virtual; and various members of the workforce remain remote. Such virtualisation will move patients from irregular healthcare interactions to a continuous model of care. (Read more on https://www.pwc.com/gx/en/industries/healthcare/publications/assets/pwc-new-health-economy.pdf)