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Quality of life in European cities: 95% of people in Cluj and 82% in Bucharest are satisfied with their city


95% of people from Cluj and 82% from Bucharest are satisfied with their city, according to the report on the Quality of life in European cities, published by the European Commission on Tuesday, at the 18th European Week of Cities and Regions.


The new Quality of life in European cities survey provides a unique insight into city life. It gathers the experiences and opinions of city dwellers across Europe. It shows that people living in northern EU cities are the most satisfied with their city, but satisfaction in eastern EU cities is increasingly rapidly. People living in a large city are more satisfied with public transport, but those living in smaller cities feel safer when walking alone at night.


Most people think their city is a good place for minorities, but in some cities less than half the residents think this is the case. For the first time, the survey includes questions about the quality of the city administration. For example, half of the city residents think there is corruption in their city administration, but in the worst cities four in five think this is the case compared to only one in five in the best cities.