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Rare professions best paid in Romania: air traffic controller, clinical study monitor and sommelier


Rare professions such as air traffic controller, clinical stud monitor or sommelier are paid with 30,000 lei, 6,000 lei and 4,500 lei per month, according to an analysis published on Thursday by Smartree, one of the leaders in the market externalizing human resource processes in Romania.

Some rare professions do not need college studies: air traffic controller, argon welder, crane operator, utility climber, or sommelier.

“Even though college education is not needed, all these are special professions which suppose certain courses and training. After passing a very strict admission exam, an air traffic controller must undergo professional training specific of the field,” said Raluca Penes, the coordinator of HR department at Smartree.

The start salary of an air traffic controller for whom there is a single employer in Romania - the state company Romatsa, is 20,000 lei/month, and can reach 30,000 lei after a few years of experience.

On the other hand, crane operators, welders specialised in argon and utility climbers make an average of 3,000 and 3,500 lei/month.

Sommeliers can earn 4,500 lei/month on the average, according to the level of competence and experience, while the salary of a court clerk can reach 4,000 lei/month.

Professions like crane operator and welder are rarely found and there is a deficit of qualified personnel in these fields because many Romanians with such skills emigrated abroad.

The study also shows that topography engineer, medical equipment engineer, clinical study monitor, geodesy engineer and actuary are in the top of rare professions.

“Some of these professions are rare by nature, the job market offering very little. In the case of actuary jobs the market is faced by a shortage of specialists,”Penes pointed out.

The salary of engineers specialising in topography,  geodesy and medical equipment starts from 2,500 lei per month, while actuaries can earn starting from 3,000 lei/month.

The profession of clinical study monitor, where the average salary reaches 6,000 lei/month is rare and well paid.

Smartree, a company dealing with the externalization of recruiting processes in Romania, was set up in 2000. In 2010 the company was bought by the Polish investment fund Enterprise Investors. Now the company processes 450,000 employees per year.