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Recas Wineries – sales of over 18 million euro

Recas Wineries company registered a 33% increase of the wine volume sold in 2011, representing a business figure of over 18 million euro. The company registered a 133% increase of exports and a 10% increase of bottled wine sales at local level. There was also a 20% growth of the number of tourists who visit the wineries and a 21% increase of sales in the network of partner stores.

For 2012 the Banat producer announced it would replace Castle Rock range with Castel Huniade, the expansion of Cocosul range (adding Dry Muscat, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon blanc) and the appearance of a new limited fall edition with Feteasca neagra and Cabernet Sauvignon from the 2011 crop.
“2011 conditions were better, with a normal winter, good spring, a good balance between rain and sunshine and a dry autumn which allowed harvesting in good conditions. It is a an exceptional year for some varieties,” said the export manager of Recas Wineries.

“Since the domestic market dropped by 10-12% in the last two years, we have registered a solid increase of business due to a correct position in the market, rising exports and increase of the number of partner stores,” said Ciprian Rosca, the commercial manager of the company.

At present Recas Wineries are selling 7 ranges of their own wines, at prices between 10 and 90 lei a bottle, but are also representing several international brands in Romania – Masi, Planeta, Piccini (Italy), Robert Mondavi (USA), Louis Latour (France), Thomas Hardy (Australia), Nobilo (New Zealand), Distell (South Africa), Cono Sur (Chile) or Gonzales Byass (Spain).

“While in the 1990s the Recas area ranked 4th among Banat vineyards, today Recas Wineries (represented by 3 companies – one which administers the plantation, one which processes grapes and a third which handles marketing and sales) is the only representative of the area with national coverage, ranking 5th in a fragmented market. It is the result of important investments and of serious selections and collaborations with the staff”, said the export manager.

Recas Wineries Company exploits 800 ha of vine in Timis county and 20 ha near Minis (Arad) and has a production and storage capacity of 9 million liters, being equipped with state of the art technology following investments of over 10 million euro.

The Banat producer is one of the most important Romanian wine exporters in countries such as USA, Great Britain, Japan, Sweden, Canada, Estonia and Slovakia.