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Report: the market of construction equipment in Romania is at a third of this potential


The market of construction equipment in Romania is at a third of the potential, after it dropped last year with 43% against 2015 up to 740 sold units, in the context where the equipment used is out dated, the  great majority of it being acquired during the period of economic boom of 2006-2008 according to a report published on Wednesday by the construction equipment supplier Marcom, exclusive representative Komatsu on the Romanian market.

Thus, the share of the demand for equipment in Romania, in fact the demand in eastern Europe, is of 11% under the potential as compared to the states in the region, according to the Komatsu data. The normal threshold should be at the level of 2,000 – 2,200 units annually, according to Marcom.

‘The  peak was recorded in the period of economic boom when the demand reached 3,000 – 3,300 units, a level which will not be reached very soon. The lack of investment projects is the main cause of the decline of the market although Romania needs infrastructure. The market of the residential constructions which is  growing, cannot correct this drop’ stated the general director of Marcom Constantin Marcu in a press release.

After the drop of the market in 2009, it had a significant evolution in 2011 as the decline came back between 2012- 2013. According to the representatives of Marcom, the absorption of European funds of 2014 and 2015 brought the Romanian market on the  growth again, while last year it contracted almost to half. Thus, between 2009 – 2016 what was sold was similar to 2006 – 2008 as Romania  does not recover at the same rhythm as other states in Europe.

According to the Komatsu representative, Romania has the third potential in the region, after Poland and the Czech Republic,but it occupies the 11th position  by the number of equipment. Even so, the capacity of the company to keep the clients basis creates positive perspective for the renewal of the equipment fleet. Starting with 2003, on the Romanian market  there were sold 15,800 new equipment, the most used equipment being  backhoes – 53% of the market.