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Romania can export and transit sheep and goats in Turkey


The embassy of Turkey informed the authorities in Romania that the authorised companies can start export and transit of sheep and goats in Turkey, depending on the following contracts between operators, is mentioned in a press release of the National Authority for Veterinary and Food Safety (ANSVSA).

At the invitation of the Romanian authorities, experts of the Central Veterinary Authority in Turkey made a visit to Romania, between 22- 25 June, to technically evaluate the possibility to open the export of sheep and goats from our countryThe visit of the Turkish specialists finalised with a meeting with the leadership of ANSVSA in Bucharest and the conclusions were the road transit through Turkey with animals can be done, with the observance of norms and welfare requests for the animals during the transport.

For live sheep destined to reproduction and breed, the quarantine period is of minimum 21 days, while for sheep for slaughtering, there is no period of quarantine, the sheep being able to stay in the collecting centre as long as necessary.

ANSVSA mentions that during July, they sent to the central authorities in Turkey the list of collecting centres authorised from the point of view of veterinary and sanitary reasons for live sheep export from the 19 scab-free counties.