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Romania-Egypt Chamber of Commerce opens new export opportunities in all Europe

The setting up of the Romania-Egypt Chamber of Commerce (CCRE) opens new export opportunities in all Europe, commercial consul of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Ayman Aly Osman, stated on Thursday.

"This is a historic moment. The setting up of the Commerce Chamber opens new export opportunities in all Europe, especially in Romania and the neighbouring states - Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova, Serbia. We are expecting Romanian companies to invest in Egypt. In 2018, bilateral trade increased up to 1 billion US dollars, 850 million of which are Romania's exports and only 150 million Egypt's," specified Ayman Aly Osman at a press conference.

Moreover, the CCRE head, Abdelrazek Cornelia-Corina, stated that the setting up of the CCRE appeared in a favourable international and national context, which will lead to the stimulation of economic and cultural exchanges.

"And now it happened, after I have wished for this for a long time. The international context helps me and now I hope we will see results too. We want to have more projects, including cultural projects. We need to understand both countries' cultures. We want to encourage bilateral cultural exchanges, by encouraging businessmen in the two countries to carry out joint activities or even investments in Romania and Egypt. Both countries have a large business portfolio, both in the light industry field and the heavy industry. Romania and Egypt are both producers and exporters of agro-textiles. Now, both countries develop a beautiful policy in energy field," the CCRE head told AGERPRES.

After signing the protocol between the African States Union and the European Union, on February 25-26 2019, they also signed in Cairo the free trade protocol between Romania and Egypt. In this context, marked by our country holding the presidency of the Council of Europe, there was set up the Romania-Egypt Chamber of Commerce (CCRE).

One of the problems noticed by the CCRE head at the conference is the long time the Egyptian businessmen need to wait for a visa. Abdelrazek Cornelia-Corina also said that the newly established Chamber of Commerce will adhere to the Union of Bilateral Chambers of Commerce.

In his turn, the Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Salah Eldin Abdel Sadek Ahmed, urged businessmen to find new collaboration opportunities, as more as the newly established Chamber is their and they must capitalize on this moment.