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Romania forbids international flights that infringe its foreign interests or obligations


Access of airplanes that make international flights in the Romanian air space will not be authorized if there is a decision in this respect, based on the defense of Romania’s “essential interests” or the respect of obligations and engagements assumed by international treatises.


“An international flight with or without the take off/landing of an airplane in Romania is not authorized to be in the national air space if there is a decision in this respect, based on the defense of Romania’s essential interests or the respect of obligations and engagements assumed by Romania through the international treatises it is part of,” says a government draft decision elaborated by the Ministry of Transports.


The bill has in view to amend and complete Government Decision 912/2010 for the approval of flights in the national airspace and the conditions in which the take off and landing of civil aircraft can be made on other lands or waters than certified airdromes.


The decision by which an international flight is not authorized is communicated to the Romanian civil Aeronautic Authority (AACR) in case of a civil aircraft and to the Defense Ministry in case of state aircraft by the Foreign Ministry.AACR informs the operator of the civil aircraft, the Defense Ministry and ROMATSA that the flight is not authorised.


For state aircraft, the decision is communicated to the operator by diplomatic channels.“In case the unauthorized flight continues, action will be taken against the aircraft according to law 257/2001 about the action taken against aircraft using Romania’s airspace without authorization”, the bill shows.


The authors of the bill also suggest the completion of an article of government decision 912/2010 by a paragraph which stipulates that any international flight in the national airspace is not authorized in case the aircraft has on board goods or persons who are object of restrictions to fly through the national airspace.


“Thus any air operator will have to check whether thr commercial load to be transported through the national airspace is liable to restrictions imposed by international sanctions”, the document shows.

The present legal frame does not make distinction in the procedure of authorizing flights in the national airspace between aircraft with pilot on board and those without pilot. The operators of unmanned aircraft find it difficult of fulfill the general authorization demands.


In these conditions the draft decision has in view to complete government decision 912/2010 with provisions specific to the operation of unmanned aircraft.