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Romania has 7 billion euro European funds for the Strategy of Rural development 2014 -2020


The deputy director of the Agency for Payment s for Rural Development and Fishery (APDRP) Nicolae Popa says that in the future period of 2014 – 2020 Romania will benefit from over 7 billion euro European funds for the National Strategy for Rural Development.


We have at our disposal for investments, 7.1 billion euro in the next programme at which we add the national cofinancing of 20%, another 1.4 billion euro. We thought we should not divide the sums into 28 measures as we did in the previous programme (2007 – 2013) so we thought of seven measures where we should direct the money. At present, we think to offer sums for measure 3.22 – the development of the Romanian village, for measure 1.21 – the development of the agricultural exploitations, for measure 1.23 – the processing of agricultural products, for measure 1.12 – the settlement of young people in the rural environment as heads of exploitations, measure 3.13 – the encouragement of touristic activities, measure 3,12 – the setting up of SMEs in the rural environment and not in the least,we will focus on the setting up and consolidation of the local action groups’ stated on Saturday in a press conference in Constanta the deputy manager of ADDRP.


Nicolae Popa mentioned that these aspects were not discussed for the moment with the representatives of the European Union and the negotiations will start in the autumn of this year. He said that there could be subprogrammes to encourage certain areas, as an example offering the mountain area, as well as some areas destined to vineyards, vegetable gardens or cattle raising.Nicolae Popa also said that the Agency for Payments for Rural development and fishery wishes to simplify the procedures as well as the attitude of the APDRP to be simplified radically, not to refuse a bigger openness to the beneficiaries.