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Romania has got on food deficit


Romania imported in the first 11 months of 2016 food products wort 5.719billion euro, up by 9.6% against the same period of 2015 while the exports were increased only by 2.7% during the period under analysis, show the data sent by the ministry of agriculture and rural development (MADR).

The deficit of the commercial balance with food products after the first 11 months of 2016 was 292.4 million euro, against an excess of 65.3 million euro during the same period of 2015.

Wheat is dominant in the structure of exports, with collections ofover 1 billion euro and a volume of 6.2 million tons, twice higher than the similar interval of 2015.

According to the MADR data, there were the exports of rape seeds (+225.6 million euro) food products (+25.8 milion euro) live animals(+25.4 million euro) bakery, biscuits (+16.6 million euro), chocolate (+15.2 million euro) live sheep or goats (+14.3 million euro), pork (+11.9 million euro), sunflower seeds (+11.5 million euro) ?i tinned meat (+8 million euro).

The value of exports was affected mainly by the drop in the collections from corn deliveries (- 259.5 million euro) and cigarettes (-166.4 milllion euro).

Romania recorded drops in the case of exports of barley (-91.3 million euro) sunflower oil (-49.1 million euro)vegetal fats pomace (-28.4 million euro) poultry (-17.5 million euro)soya groats (-8.6 mil.euro) or natural honey (-3.6 million euro).

As compared to the similar period of 2015, the imports advanced for the majority of the groups of food products and mainly on: wheat (+108.5 million euro), bakery, biscuits (+40,9 mil. euro), chocolate (+36.1 mil.  euro), cheeses (+34.8 mil. euro), food products(+32.7 mil. euro), coffee (+23.7 mil. euro), citrus fruit (+21 mil. euro), bananas (+19.4 mil.  euro), poultry (+15 mil. euro), milk and sweet cream (+12.2 mil. euro).

Romania recorded in the first 11 months of 2016 against the same period of 2015 a drop in the corn imports(-180.2 mil.euro), soya groats (-57.2 mil.euro) tobacco (-30.7 mil.euro) and live pigs (-6 mil.euro).

Imports of pork – the main imported food product – were worth 311.4million euro, with 46 million euro more than the same period of 2015, for a total quantity of 179.800 tons, say the MADR data.

In the case of tomatoes, imports increased by 16.6 million euro at 62.4 million euro, for a volume of 68.500 tons, which represents an increase by 35.2% against the same interval of the previous year.

The European Union was the main partner in the food commerce of Romania wih 54.4% of the exports and 73.9% of imports.