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Romania is 25th in the top of the countrie which access the BitTorrent sites to download pirated content


Contrary to local convinction, Romania is not the country which access the most pirated content, but it is only 25th in such a top.

According to the data published by the analysis company MUSO about the degree of accessibility of the so-called trackers of BitTorrent where the pirated materials could be downloaded from, Romania is 25th in the world.

In absolute numbers, the United States, Russia and  India are the countries with the most users who use this kind of sites. This hierarchy is influenced in a decisive way by the fact that logically the countries with big populations will have the most users of trackers of BitTorrent.

Those in MUSO, but, they made a more  important  top to evaluate the situation in each country, independently from the absolute number of the internet users. They had a ranking which depends on the average number of visits per user, which show the popularity of the BitTorrent sites among users of a country.

Thus, Latvia, Bulgaria and Estonia are the countries where the popularity of the BitTorrent trackers which offer pirated content is the highest. Romania is 25th in this top between Poland which 24th and Russia which is 26th.

28.86 is the average number per user which the BitTorrent trackers record in our country. By comparison, Bulgaria has 66.84 visits per user.

The data from MUSO show another important factor. Europe is the continent there BitTorrent trackers are most popular.

The analysis company took into consideration for this study both the international sites and the popular trackers at local level.