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Romania is interested in attracting foreign investors for the implementation of eight major military acquisition

Romania's Minister of National Defence Adrian Tutuianu said on Thursday that there is interest in attracting foreign investors and entering business partnerships with traditional international investors for the implementation of eight major military acquisition and procurement programmes that are to be implemented in a ten years' period, as well as for the development of the Romanian defence industry and the manufacturing of some components in the country. 

"We have eight major acquisition and procurement programmes for the Romanian Armed Forces that are included in a defence spending of 2 percent of the Gross Domestic Product under a 10-year programme spanning 2017-2026. We are conducting talks regarding several components; obviously they have to be harmonised afterwards, after we reach final conclusions. We have had important discussions with companies that want to create joint ventures in Romania, joint ventures that must be partners of the Romanian Army in this endeavor," Tutuianu said on a visit to the Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base on Thursday. 

He added that there is an ongoing dialogue with US and European firms on a several important components that the Romanian national defence industry would like to manufacture. 

"We continue to discuss important components with US and European companies. We are interested in completing discussions on an armuored personnel carrier following two versions: a joint venture at the Bucharest Mechanical Plant, and a second one at Moreni, with the former to produce non-amphibious carriers, and the latter amphibious ones," said Tutuianu. 

He added that there is also interest in purchasing new weapons, such as assault rifles and radars. 

Tutuianu reiterated that at the end of September, three more F-16 aircraft will be brought in to complete the 12-aircraft squadron. 

"On September 27, we will bring in three more aircraft to complete the 12-aircraft squadron with F-16s. Our intention is that in the years to come, probably starting in 2019-2020, depending on the outcome of talks, to complete the equipping of the Romanian Air Force with 36 more F-16s. We would like at least one squadron to be made up of F-35 aircraft. It's not what we want, it's a government-to-government agreement with the American partner," he said.