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Romania-Israel talks on receiving tourists based on vaccination certificate

Israel signed protocols with Cyprus, Greece, Great Britain, Estonia, Georgia and Seychelles on receiving tourists based on vaccination certificates and is negotiating with Romania, says the Romanian-Israeli consultant in tourism Meidan Butnaru.


Israel has constantly been among the first places as tourist source for Romania, for 2018 and 2019and the first two months of 2020. On the other hand, the state of Israel will reach the vaccination target of 75% of its people in two months. According to the Israel media, the Israeli foreign minister has reached an accord with Cyprus, Greece, Great Britain, Estonia, Georgia and Seychelles on receiving tourists based on a vaccination certificate, the so-called green passport , and is negotiating with governments of Romania and Serbia. When presenting the green passport at the border, Israeli tourists will be received without limitation or quarantine. Trips of Israeli citizens can start after restrictions imposed in Israel for international flights are lifted after February 20,” says Butnaru, the commercial director of Meshek Wings Tours Ltd. 


According to him, larges cities like Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara, Brasov and the Prahova Valley or the Romanian sea coast during the summer season can recover some of their traditional tourists by signing this accord. 


Israeli tourists like to travel, but this year they will have fewer options.  Romania is one of the destinations looked for by the Israelis. Domestic tourism is important, but incoming tourism brings money to the country, it is service export and is vital, especially during this difficult, crisis period. Israeli tourists spend and average daily of 100 euros and are customers of restaurants and malls,”Butnaru points out.

He added that an Israeli tourist spends an average of 580 euros  plus 100 euros a day for food, shopping,etc.  


The average duration of a sojourn in Romania for an Israeli tourist is 5 nights. In conclusion, every Israeli spends about 1,100 euros, an amount generated by the over 230,000 Israeli visitors who chose Romania in 2009 being over 1.2 billion lei, tourists from this country holding first place for expenses in Romania, according to data offered by the tourism consultant.