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Romania needs a plan for total renunciation to coal, approved by law

Romania needs a plan regarding the total elimination of coal from the sources of energy, plan which should be approved by law, as it happened in Germany, said on Tuesday Daniel Burlan, the general manager of the Complex Energetic Oltenia, in a specialty conference.

He explained why we cannot give up coal immediately. ‘It is possible that in 2050 we have a sure energy system, competitive and decarbonised, but I think that for the next ten years at least, if not more, this fuel is necessary, the coal energy producer’said the official of the company.

In his opinion, imports are not a solution to supplement the quantity of energy produced by coal, as the neighbouring countries need this energy.

CE Oltenia has at present four thermal units on coal with 12  energy groups, an installed capacity of 3.570 MW, a production estimated of 10 TWh in 2021 and offers thermal energy for Craiova.

The programme for restructuring was notified on 4th December in Brussels and it supposes the structural change of the production of energy from one source, coal,to several sources,energy mix: gas, renewable, coal. The plan includes investments in new capacities of gas, photovoltaic parks and a micro-hydropower units, said Burlan, in a conference ‘Decarbonisation – what direction, how soon?’organised by Energynomics.ro.

‘Units on gas will mean 1,325 MW out of which 850 MW in Isalnita and 475 MW in Turceni, we have feasibility studies and technical files presented to the ministy of energy with a view to accessing the Fund for Modernisation and it was required in these feasibility studies to be prepared to introduce at least 30% hydrogen. The photovoltaic parks will in be eight areas, as a total 735 MW and micro-hydropower station of 10 MW in Turceni’ the head of CE Oltenia said.

As  these new capacities work, those on coal will be closed down, so out of 3,570 MW in 2025 there will be 1,450 MW on coal.

According to Burlan, all countries EU member states  have these plans. Germany has as deadline 2038, Poland – 2040. As regards the plan for restructuring, he showed that EC manifested some worry and started investigation regarding some aspects of the plan, structural observations on four chapters.

‘ I mention that Romania needs a plan for the elimination of coal, of phase-out of coal, as the other countries do and we need financing, capacity reserves,strategic reserves, even SIEG, so these capacities must be kept strategically for Romania’ Burlan said.