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Romania's GDP goes up by 17 billion Euro in 2021, from 2019 


Romania's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has gone up in 2021 by 17 billion Euro, as opposed to 2019 and reached almost 1.190 billion RON, a historic record, according to the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Tourism, Constantin-Daniel Cadariu.

"Romania reaches a GDP of almost 1.190 billion RON at the end of 2021, approximately 240 billion Euro. This is a historic record. Despite the biggest crisis of the last decades, Romania's GDP has gone up in 2021 by 17 billion Euro as opposed to 2019 (a boom year of the global economy when we had a GDP of 223 billion Euro). The GDP in 2021 is 21 billion Euro larger than last year (218.9 billion Euro), during the peak of the pandemic caused economic crisis. Furthermore, Romania ends 2021 with an economic growth of approximately 7%. At the beginning of the year, the Citu Government cautiously estimated a growth of 4.3%. Economic growth will be 2.7 percentage points higher than the one estimated when the 2021 budget was being made," Cadariu wrote on Facebook, on Monday.

In the fiscal-budgetary strategy for 2021-2023, based on which the budget was built last year, an economic growth of 4.3% was foreseen, as well as a GDP of 1,116.837 billion RON.

The National Commission for Strategy and Prognosis (CNSP) estimated, on its medium term forecast for 2021-2025, the autumn variant, a GDP value of 1,190.3 billion RON in 2021, with a 7% increase from the previous year.