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Romania's position on the Republic of Moldova crisis

In an answer to ziare.com, the Presidential Administration reports that Romania’s official position regarding the political situation in Republic of Moldova was expressed on Tuesday by the press release issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Asked whether there was any discussion between FM Teodor Melescanu and Klaus Iohannis on a common position regarding the situation in Chisinau, the Presidency replied that it assumes the viewpoint expressed by Teodor Melescanu on Tuesday, although the minister said Monday there is no custom on formally recognizing a government.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) referring to the political crisis in the Republic of Moldova, states on Tuesday that in a democratic state, the will of the citizens, expressed by vote (…) is the only one that ensures a legitimate political process based on dialogue.

The MAE release, posted on the ministry’s website, reads that “taking into account the recent developments on the political stage in Republic of Moldova, including the formation of a new government coalition and a new government voted by the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, democratically elected in the elections of February 24, 2019, Romania, as strategic partner of the Republic of Moldova, believes that, in a democratic state, the will of the citizens, expressed through vote and reflected in the political configuration of Parliament, is the only one that ensures a legitimate political process based on dialogue.

Romania expresses its full readiness to continue the Strategic Partnership for Republic of Moldova’s European Integration, which is the essential basis of the bilateral relationship, given that the Republic of Moldova will strictly apply this Strategic Partnership and will continue its European path, including the implementation of the Association Agreement and Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement with the European Union and the necessary reforms to bring it closer to the EU. 

Also, in the same context, Romania regards as very important the clear commitment of the Republic of Moldova for the further implementation of the cooperation projects with Romania, including and especially the Romania-Moldova strategic interconnection projects.

At the same time, Romania appreciates as major relevance the Republic of Moldova’s continuing position regarding the settlement of the Transdnestrian file, with respect of the territorial integrity of the Republic of Moldova in its internationally recognized borders, and not affecting its pro-European vector.

Romania underlines the importance of strengthening the community of language, culture and history that underpins the special relationship with the Republic of Moldova.

Romania reiterates its call for calm and restraint and highlights the need to respect the principles of the rule of law and to ensure a peaceful and inclusive transition to exit the crisis,” the MAE release reads.

This position contradicts the one expressed by Foreign Minister Teodor Melescanu, who said on Monday that Romania does not formally recognize the new government in Chisinau, mentioning it is a personal opinion.

Asked by journalists if MAE formally recognized the Maia Sandu Government, as did the European Union and Russia, Melescanu said ‘no’.

“There is no formal recognition of a government, only of a state. We are concerned by the fact that there is an explosive situation and we want to stress that means should be found to overcome this situation. When things get mangled, the solution is to turn back to the electorate. Early elections on September 6 would not be a huge problem,” Melescanu said during a press conference.