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Romania's statement in an open debate of the Security Council on the subject of reforming the peacekeeping operations


The Permanent Representative of Romania to the UN, Ambassador Ion Jinga, delivered a statement on Wednesday, September 12th, in the Security Council open debate on reforming the peacekeeping operations, organized by the American Presidency of the Council.

The Romanian Ambassador mentioned the special importance attributed to the most visible UN instrument for ensuring peace and stability on a global level: the peacekeeping operations. He pointed out the necessity of adapting peacekeeping operations to current realities, mentioning that “regarding the delivery of a rapid and efficient response for achieving the set objectives, efforts of the states have to focus on mobilizing extensive support for developing clear standards, imposing a higher degree of accountability and the mobilization of well trained and well equipped forces in the field”.

Referring to the initiative of the UN Secretary Antonio Guterres, called “Action for Peacekeeping”, launched to respond to these challenges, the Permanent Representative of Romania to the UN expressed full support for this initiative which underlines the necessity to have peacekeeping operations fit for purpose and based on a collective and comprehensive approach.

Ambassador Ion Jinga underlined that Romania supports a zero-tolerance policy regarding acts of abuse and sexual exploitation in peacekeeping operations, special attention being given to the dimension of prevention.

Thus, the Romanian personnel participating in these operations receive a special training in this regard prior to deployment in missions. Romania is a signatory of the UN Voluntary Compact regarding the elimination of sexual exploitation and abuse. Moreover, the President of Romania is a member of the Circle of Leadership on the prevention of and response to sexual exploitation and abuse in United Nations operations, created by the UN Secretary General.

The Romanian diplomat referred to a series of measures adopted at the level of the UN Secretariat, regarding the establishing of specialized structures for the creation of logistical capabilities. At the same time, Ambassador Jinga emphasized the increased transparency of the selection and recruitment processes of police forces deployed in peacekeeping operations, through the alignment of specific standards to the doctrinal framework provided in the Strategic Guidance Framework of UN police forces. “The reform of UN peacekeeping operations must begin with a comprehensive and inclusive vision, which should set the standards for evaluating personnel, its performances and true accountability. This set of principles defines Romania’s vision regarding the reforms of the peacekeeping sector, on the basis of the nearly three decades of experience in missions and operations under the UN flag.”

Background Elements:

The open debate was organized by the US Presidency of the UN Security Council a year after the adoption of the Resolution (R 2378/2017) of the Security Council, in which the UN Secretary General is requested to hold an annual briefing on the topic of UN peacekeeping operations reform. UN Under-Secretary General for peacekeeping operations, Jean Pierre Lacroix, and the Executive Chair of the NGO Keeping children safe, Sarah Blakemore also participated at this event.