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Romania to complete digital TV switchover by 2015, and had to launch full version of eRomania in April 2011

Complete adoption of the digital television is to take place in Romania on January 1, 2015, after the authorities in Bucharest have obtained an adjournment for two years, until the digital switchover will be completed at European level, while the eRomania portal was supposed to be released in the full version in April 2011, the National Reform Programm PNR , recently adopted by the Executive, informs.

The Strategy for transition from analogue TV to digital terrestrial one - approved through the Government Decision No. 1,2132009 - provided that, until January 1, 2013, the process of digital switchover would be completed. Subsequently, the completion date was amended by Government Decision No. 8332010, in order to postpone the deadline for the transition to digital television in România by January 1, 2015.

Under the PNR, eRomania portal, a project designed to provide an uniform, coherent and friendly interface between the public administration and the citizen and, likewise, between the Administration and business community, ought to have been released in full version in April 2011.

When the portal will be completed and all its sections will be operational, it is expected to generate savings of up to 35 percent at the spending chapter.

The National Reform Program 2011-2013 represents the framework-platform for defining and implementing Romania's economic development policies, consistent with the policies of the European Union EU , and having as priorities the achievement of a smart, sustainable economy, also favorable to inclusion, with high levels of employment for the workforce, productivity and social cohesion

PNR was drafted under the supervision of the Department for European Affairs (DAE) of the Romanian Government, based on the contributions of all ministries and institutions member of the Working Group for Europe 2020 Strategy.

The PNR is based on the documents prepared by the seven sectoral working groups, coordinated by the DAE, made up of representatives of key ministries and institutions of the central public administration.

The PNR 2011-2013 draft was submitted to the European Commission EC in November 2010, and was structured in accordance with the provisions of the Annex to the letter of SG COM from September 22, 2010.