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Romania to introduce the Passenger Locator Form next week



The Romanian government has approved on Wednesday the Passenger Location Form (PLF), a document that will come into force as of December 20, Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca said. The form must be completed by all people entering Romania.

According to the Romanian PM, the form is already used in 18 EU countries.


The document will make the epidemiological investigations more efficient. “Starting December 20, people coming to Romania must fill in the digital entry form. The document is already used at the level of 18 states of the European Union. The new Omicronstrain and the Covid epidemiological situation in the country require the most effective protection measures in Romania, especially as the holidays are approaching. The form is necessary to protect our health and the health of those close to us,” the PM argued.


Through the Passenger Location Form, epidemiological investigations will be made more efficient, so that public health authorities will be able to get in touch more easily with people who came in contact during the trip with an infected citizen.

The form is developed by the Romanian Special Telecommunication Service (STS) and must be filled in by all people entering Romania and traveling by plane, train, means of transport for persons by road or sea.


The form can be filled in electronically, accessing the plf.gov.ro website, and will be filled in and presented at the entrance to the country to the authorized persons from the border crossing points.


The completed data will be accessed only by authorized the public health employees and will be used strictly for the purpose of conducting epidemiological investigations”, PM Ciuca explained.


In his turn, Minister of Health, Alexandru Rafila, said that the Passenger Location Form (PLF) must be filled in 24 hours before entering Romania. Those who do not complete it can go home and do so as soon as possible, within 24 hours, otherwise they will be sanctioned.


Romania is aligning itself with the EC decision on the establishment of a digital passenger tracking system. This document does not impede traffic, but helps us locate an infected person and allow health authorities to quickly conduct epidemiological investigations and take the necessary measures to test or isolate infected people. It is a procedure for rapidly identifying the contacts of infected people. This certificate is not difficult to be completed. Citizens must fill in this certificate 24 hours before entering Romania. If they fail to do so, they can go home and have to complete it within 24 hours, but if they do not comply with this interval they are subject to fines”, said Alexandru Rafila.