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Romania wants to maintain trade balance surplus with the UK at least at last 2-3 years' level


Romania wants to maintain a surplus of the trade balance with the United Kingdom at least at the level recorded in the last 2-3 years, said on Tuesday the president of the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIR), Mihai Daraban, mentioning that, in this sense, more information is needed among economic operators.

"From the beginning, we have been the co-opted entity in the inter-ministerial committee for the coordination and preparation of Brexit. Moreover, we have created an online pin platform that tries to answer all the questions of the business environment, of the economic operators especially on this issue, and we are particularly concerned about this topic, especially in the context in which the United Kingdom is one of the few G20 countries with which we have a trade balance surplus and I could say that it is not insignificant. We are talking about 926.4 million euros in 2019,", mentioned Mihai Daraban, at an online seminar, having as main topic the new regulations regarding the customs regime, the transport of goods and the effects on the import/export activities.

The President of the CCIR added that, as of October 31, 2020, there were 6,084 registered companies with British capital, companies with a subscribed capital of 1.04 billion euros.

"The UK also has 2.085 billion euros in direct investment. The subject of Brexit must be on our agenda and we, together with the entire Chamber of Commerce team, have made a substantial effort to disseminate any information on Brexit to economic operators. We want to maintain the level of the surplus balance at least at the levels registered in the last 2-3 years and for this there only needs to be more information among the economic operators," Mihai Daraban also said.