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Romania wins European protection for Novacul afumat of Tara Barsei smoked bighead carp fillet


Romania has managed to register its "Novac afumat din Tara Barsei" smoked bighead carp fillet from Barsa province as a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) product in the European Union, its fourth, according to Romania's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

"A decision to register the product Novac afumat din Tara Barsei with the Registry of Geographical Indications and Designations of Origin was published in the Official Journal toddy, April 6, 2017," says MADR.

Romania currently has four food products with protected status at the EU level Magiun de Topoloveni fruit jam, PGI won in 2011; Telemea de Ibanesti white cheese, which won a Protected Designation of Origins in 2016 and Salam de Sibiu salami protected under a PGI in 2016.

The ministry says Novacul afumat din Tara Barsei (PGI) will officially become Romania's fourth food product with protected status 20 days after the publication of the approval in the Official Journal of the European Union.

Mixed mutton and beef sausages carnatii de Plescoi and Scrumbia de Dunare afumata smoked Pontic shad are currently being analysed by the European Commission to be awarded protected status for Protected Geographical Indication.

Nationwide, there are about 500 traditional Romanian products registered with MADR.