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Romanian Naval Forces organises event on Romanian Navy Day in Constanta, Mangalia, Tulcea and Bucharest


The Romanian Naval Forces will organise on Wednesday and Thursday in Constanta, Mangalia, Tulcea and Bucharest a series of events dedicated to the Romanian Navy Day, a release of the National Defence Ministry (MApN) sent on Tuesday informs.

According to the quoted source, the events will start on Wednesday, at 08:30hrs, at the Sailors' Cross Monument in Constanta, with a ceremony dedicated to the hero sailors, that will also be attended by National Defence Minister Gabriel Les.

A similar ceremony will take place at the Hero Sailor Monument in Mangalia and, as of 10:00hrs, at the Heroes Cemetery in Tulcea.

"Servicemen of the Romanian Naval Forces will bring to the public's attention the acts of bravery of the sailors who fought, on the Danube and the sea, in the War of Independence, in the two World Wars, as well as the supreme sacrifice that the sailors made, throughout time, in all their training activities and in the missions carried out on the blue stretches of waters," the MApN release mentions.

The events will continue on Thursday on the esplanade of Constanta, somewhere between 09:45hrs and 12:30hrs, with the "Romanian Naval Forces 19" Joint Naval Exercise exercise, which will be conducted in the presence of Minister Gabriel Les.

Also participating in the exercise will be aircraft of the Romanian Air Forces (F-16 Fighting Falcon and MiG-21 LanceR, belonging to the 86th "Lieutenant Aviator Gheorghe Mociornita" Air Base and IAR-330 Puma helicopters, belonging to the 57th Air Base).

Moreover, on Thursday between 12:30hrs and 15:00hrs in the Tomis Tourist Port, there will be organized sailor's games.

On the esplanade in front of the Fleet Command, between 20:00hrs and 21:00hrs, a concert performed by the Military Music of the Naval Forces will take place, followed by the military sailors' withdrawal with torches on the route Poarta 1 (the Constanta Port) - the esplanade of the Casino - the Fleet Command - Remus Opreanu Street - Ovidiu Square and back, up to the Fleet Command, at the same time with an original show of launching Chinese lanterns from aboard military vessels anchored near the cliff.

Demonstrative exercises will also take place on Thursday in Mangalia, Tulcea, Braila and Galati. IAR 99 Hawk school and training aircraft belonging to the 95th "Hero Captain Aviator Alexandru Serbanescu" Air Base will fly over the Braila and Tulcea Ports. 

In Bucharest, in King Michael I Park (formerly known as Herastrau Park), the pier area, as of 08:45hrs, a military and religious ceremony will take place.