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Romanians are loyal to telecommunication, automobile and clothes trade marks


The Romanians are loyal to a great extent to mobile phone and Internet service suppliers (30%), automobiles, clothes, food and medical services and at the opposite pole we find credits and insurance.

“53% of respondents say they are loyal to brands of products analyzed, while 42% to brands of services analyzed. On the other hand, 7% of young consumers say they are not loyal to product brands, while 15%of them are not loyal to any service brands,” shows the study “Buying experience in the age of digital consumers”, made by EY Romania.


Although the brand counts in the buying decision, respondents say they are influenced most by the guarantee and quality of the product/service (32% in Romania compared to 27% at world level), followed by price and delivery conditions (20% in Romania against 29% the world average).

“When they go shopping, the key factors which contribute to the purchase decision are promotional offers (48%) and the availability of products and services (38%). Sale assistance and delivery terms are also relevant factors (26% of respondents said they have a strong impact on their purchase decision), but the aspect of the store is not considered a notable factor when a purchase decision is made for the products and services analyzed”, the study shows.


The Internet is the most used source of information by Romanian consumers in the process of buying a product or service.“In Romania, 4 out of 10 buyers already are digital consumers, compared to 6 out of 10 at world level. On the other hand, in Romania only 6 out of 10 digital consumers seek information online but buy elsewhere, 3 buy online after getting informed and one is a digital hyper-tasker, that is he is mainly interested by technical characteristics and the social and ethical attitude of the manufacturing company of goods/services he intends to buy,” EY shows.


Young Romanian consumers get informed especially online on the characteristics, availability and price of products and services they are interested in.Most respondents say the information offered online is useful or very useful (61% for products and 52% for services). Information about services obtained online is considered less relevant than the one about products.


As for payment preferences for products and services bought, 62% of Romanians prefer to pay cash, more than consumers from the Middle East (60%) and much over the global average (39%). Romanian consumers prefer cash more than Chinese or Indian consumers, while the Eastern Europe average is 51%.


Asked about the characteristics for which they would be willing to pay more, the Romanians indicated immediate availability, premium and personalized services and luxury products (12%), ecological products (9%) and Romanian products (9%).


“At global level to thirds of consumers are now digital consumers. In Romania the percentage is 41% but when generation Y has access to higher income levels, this type of consumers will take over the local market. Moreover, digital hyper-taskers, considered the buyers of the future, are the most sophisticated and more demanding digital buyers. That is why producers and service suppliers in Romania have started paying attention to the online environment as part of the integrated omni-channel approach, both in point of presenting their offer and of promoting it,” said Elena Badea, marketing director of EY Romania.


The study analyzed perceptions on the whole purchase experience of 310 Romanian consumers aged between 20 and 35.