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Romanians rank first among Europeans working in another EU country


Over 7 million EU citizens lived and worked in another member state in 2013, the Romanians ranking first - over 1.2 million- followed by Poles and Italians, the European Commission announced in Thursday. About 78% of EU citizens living in another country in 2013 were active economically and 68% of them had jobs.


The Romanians rank first - 1.29 million Romanians worked in other EU countries in 2014. They were followed by Poles - 1.05 million and Italians - 677,300.However, the number of Romanians and Poles working in other countries dropped compared to 2004-2008 period. The number of Poles dropped by 41% and of Romanians by 33% while the number of south European inhabitants who chose to work in

another EU state increased by 38%.


According to the Commission, the Maltese were not included in the classification as the number of people who work in EU is insignificant. 15,700 people from Luxembourg worked in other countries, 18,000 Slovenians, 21,000 Cypriots and 27,300 Estonians.


Besides the 7 million people, about 1.1 million EU citizens lived in a neighbour country.

The main destinations of EU workers are Germany (1.88 million), Great Britain (1.48 million), Italy (792,000) and Spain (764,000). For Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Lithuania there are no data about the number of EU citizens who worked in these countries last year. Most of them are young and the number of educated people had grown.